Devotional Guides

Why not get started on your journey through God's Word with Your Daily Quiet Time?

Adult Devotional Guides

Cedine offers free of charge an adult daily devotional guide called Your Daily Quiet Time. One of the goals of Your Daily Quiet Time is to get God’s Word into your heart. Each devotional gives you insight on a portion of God’s Word and a challenge concerning that particular scripture. Each month contains a short message from our director, Vernon Tannahill.

With this devotional guide, you can read through the entire Bible in one year. Read the daily Scripture portion in one sitting or divide it to start and end your day with God’s Word. If pressed for time, read the “Key Passage” for the main theme.

Overviews, charts, insights, and special features will help you grasp what God’s Word is saying to you. Personal applications will enable you to draw on His truth when you need it.

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